UPDATE (for anyone who cares)

I’ve been MIA for a little over a week now, so it’s time to get back into the swing of things…

This past week has been pretty hectic.  My cousin came up from Florida on his spring break to visit us and check out potential colleges in Philadelphia.  We, of course, had to take him out for a night of drinking at a genuine Jersey sports bar.  Followed by a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art the next day.  He loved both and I’m pretty certain that he’ll be making the move north in no time.

My cousin, double-fisting like a champ:)

My cousin, double-fisting like a champ:)

SMOKING UPDATE:  It is now officially 21 days since I quite smoking.  I’ll admit , I was tempted a handful of times to throw in the towel and buy a pack, especially when we were out drinking Saturday night.  The urge was there, but I just kept repeating to myself “I am a non-smoker, I am a non-smoker, I AM a non-smoker!”  Believe it or not, that really does help.  I also stopped using the patch and turned to the Vuse E-cig instead.  The patch was working, but it was irritating my skin and causing me to break out.  I’m only taking a puff here and there from it, so it’s not as constant of a nicotine flow as the patch.  I have noticed, however, I am awfully snippy lately.  Hoping it is just another withdraw symptom and will soon pass.

New morning ritual…coffee & E-cig

Also, I’ve been working out A LOT!  With the whole quitting smoking thing and summer just a few months away, I want to make sure my “30-something bod” will be “20-something bikini” ready.  I’m nowhere near ready to trade in my two piece suits for a one piece!  So, it’s been a whole lot of crunching and squatting when and where I can get them in.  I even joined a local cardio/dance/zumba studio!  Honestly really like it so far.  I’m not one for group workouts, but the instructors are nice.  Nice, but stern and have no problem going into drill sergeant mode when need be.

Okay, that’s all I got for now.   Time to be productive and try to accomplish some actual work at work today.  Have yourself a bright and shiny Monday!  XOXO


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